Dieyana House: Movie Reviews, Storyline, Public Talk, First Day Collections

Dieyana House Movie Review: This is a Horror Thriller. This upcoming Kannada flick stars Raghav Nag and Vardhan Thirthahalli where as Tejaswini Prakash plays the female lead. Mico Nagaraj and Srinivas Prabhu play very important roles in the movie. Those who like horror movies will love this movie directed by Bharath Nanda. This upcoming Kannada horror thriller movie is slated for a release on Friday December 9th 2016. As this is a horror theme the whole movie is about how people are scared.

Dieyana House Movie Story: This horror thriller genre movie starts when there is a particular property on sale. The property on sale is a he ‘haunted house.’ The rest of the movie revolves completely around how the family who comes to check the house that is on sale gets trapped forever in the house. We can’t reveal the full plot as you will need to go and check it out for yourselves.

Public Talk: As of now the fans have not yet watched the movie. People who are a fan of horror stuff will get all they want from the movie. Audiences are in for a suspense, thrill and fear before the movie and as the movie plays. The fears and eeriness of the haunted house on sale passes on to the audiences too.  So, remember before you purchase your next property which looks very interesting, do check first if it is haunted or not.

First Day Collections: To keep the suspense going, the upcoming flick will allow the viewers to watch the movie at the theatres so they will keep guessing. These sorts of horror genre movies have great scope for earning at the box office collections. And surely, nobody would want to scare the lights out of you, so they will go to the movie theatres along with set of friends. Hopefully, crowds will go up in numbers. The young crowds feel quite passionate with horror flicks. This is bound to bring in great collections and greater numbers for the horror movie genre upcoming Kannada movie – Dieyana House.