Director V.V.Vinayak disappointed with the graphics of Akhil

Akhil Akkineni’s socio fantasy entertainer “Akhil” movie is believed to have so much graphic work. The film’s shoot has been completed on time but the VFX work hasn’t come out as expected. Actor Akkineni Nagarjuna father of akhli and the film director Vinayak who have seen the final cut of the film are not satisfied with the VFX part it seems. But the debutant Akhil and the producer Nithin are okay with the visual effects. They want this film to release for Diwali without fail. Making changes to graphics will take so much time and the movie Akhil will be missing out on Diwali festival too.

Director V.V.Vinayak disappointed with the graphics of Akhil

Pressure from the Distributors:

Also, there is a pressure from the distributors to release the film for Diwali. Actually the movie is set to release for Dasara due to some reasons it was delayed. If the film fails to come out also for Diwali all the distributors of this film they agreed to pay only seventy percent of the amount to the actual amount. The producer Nithin might be worried about the thirty percent of deduction, but it is surprising to see that the Akhil compromising on the quality. But Nagarjuna doesn’t agree with his son’s decision, but he is not refusing it either.

Releasing on Diwali:

Akhils movie, which is directed by VV.Vinayak is all set to hit the theatres on the festive season of Diwali (11-11-2015). After a few postpones finally this movie is going to release. Advanced bookings also opened and the tickets are almost sold out like hot cakes. Fans of the Akkineni family are very eagerly waiting to watch the young hero Akhils debut movie in the big screens. All the fans and the people from Tollywood industry are eagerly waiting for Akhil’s debut movie.