ETV Stood 1st in India as per BARC Ratings

Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) has announced that ETV has scored top rating across India. BARC has conducted an exclusive research in Towns and Villages for the first time. It has studied the Village and Towns audience most watching channel in Telugu. ETV stood first in all Telugu channels as per BARC’s study. Not only this, BARC confirmed that ETV has won the 2nd place in all regional language channels in India. TV Broadcasters, Media Organizations, Advertisement Sponsors has combined to establish the   Broadcast Audience Research Council to announce ratings for various channels. BARC is now announcing the ratings by conducting study over all regions.

BARC Rating for ETV

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BARC’s Study Over Villages and Towns

BARC has conducted study over villages and towns of India to find out the most watched channels. Many of the media channels were competing in this race to get good rating for their programs and channels. BARC is working out about what people are watching on Television. All the media channels were desperately awaited for the announcement of BARC to know about their ratings.

BARC has conducted survey on the mission of, ‘Bharata Desam Em Chestundi?’ As part of this mission it has taken into consideration of 15.35 crore homes were included. In these 7.75 cr houses belongs to cities and 7.60 cr houses belongs to villages.

BARC Rating for ETV, Maa TV, ZEE Telugu and Gemini TV

As per the BARC’s announcements between October 10th and 16th as a result of 41 week study in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, Among 4 Telugu entertainment channels rating, ETV secured 31 percent rating and stood first. Maa TV stood in second place with 27 percent of rating. Zee Telugu has occupied the 3rd Place with 23 percent of rating and finally Gemini TV was in 4th place with 19 percent of rating.

As per this 41 week survey of BARC, the both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state people have given the top priority to ETV.