As we all know, the trending topic section was added in 2014 to make the topics reach maximum audience and to get people know about it more easily. This issue was started when the members of facebook team were publishing only selected topics and the other topics are being ignored. This became more controversial issue.

Facebook denies injecting selected articles in ‘Trending Topics’

This section appears on the right hand side of the facebook page or when you click on the search box of the facebook mobile application. This section was only designed to make people aware of the updated news round the globe. The news sullied by this section consisted of all the genuine news rather than creating on their own. Also according to the vice president, Osofsky, this section is executed by a group of people making provide all the details that the user needs. Further, this news algorithm that the sections consists is modified for each facebook user based on the account user likes, location, pages, and also the most controversial topic of the town is also added in the news section list.

Facebook denies injecting selected articles in ‘Trending Topics’


This topic has become the talk of the town and also has effected the government. The Senate Commerce Committee has sent a letter to the CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, asking him to answer the questions related to the ‘trending topic section’. For which the vice president, Justin Osofsky posted on Thursday saying they have taken these questions seriously and they are reportedly working on this issue to be solved. Also, Osofsky adds that the investigation team has found no evidence which would speak in the favour of trending topic section.

So basically, this gives an insight that there are complaints saying that facebook  is not adding the true news to its trending section and with strong evidence, facebook refuses that the reports with biased news is not true.