Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Center In Paris. The third Artificial Intelligence lab  present in the world that gives people better way to communicate.

Facebook's Artificial Intelligence Center In Paris

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Center In Paris

The Facebook announced that they are opening a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab in Paris to make its online social network smarter and more profitable. This is the third such massive Internet lab which had setup in the Paris. The other two labs are located in the United States. It has six researchers at work and will have double the number or more at the end of the year- said by Company Executives.

About Artificial Intelligence

The recruits will come from France’s top public and private technological institutions. From 2013, the Facebook is trying to start this AI lab, for that it hired Yann LeCun, a French professor at Newyork University who is a skilled expert in the ‘deep learning’ algorithms. Research at the lab will covers the full spectrum of topics related to AI. It helps to know more about the AI. The thory, algorithms, software infrastructure, hardware infrastructure and applications will be available at the AI lab to know more about Aritificial Intelligence.

Reason to select the Paris for AI lab

The Facebook’s cheif technology officer Mike Shroepfer said, the reason why they had selected Paris for AI lab. We chose Paris for the concentration of talent it has in terms of Artificial Intelligence. He also said that the AI research will help to recognise and interpret images. More than 350 million photos are uploaded in Facebook everyday, which are also saved on users pages and in their albums. LeCun said that the AI applications will help to eliminate spam and also the violent videos which are uploaded in facebook. However, the Google also working on AI. It had started their partnership with Oxford University in Britain.