Fake visas and passports from Hyderabad and Bengaluru

The two cities that are Hyderabad and Bengaluru are to be running the rackets that is to provide the face Visas and Passports. There are so many fake hubs for the passports and visas in these two cities. Police are very busy in investigating this case. According to the sources, the agents of such places have put their hands in the smuggling case that is under 14 children to the US. According to the records, this hub deals with the fake paperwork that is for the UK and US in which it is mainly prepared for the America mostly.

Fake visas and passports from Hyderabad and Bengaluru

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Huge numbers of cases have been brought up

There are huge numbers of cases that are reported as fake passport as well as visa documentation those have been submitted to the officials to obtain the visas. In many number of cases, the fake work experienced documents as well as educational record certificates have been usually used to apply for the business visas.

The Police officials have said that there are huge numbers of people those are visiting to the US as well as UK for the short duration of time from the Benguluru. There is the culture going on with all the fake documents across the country that is routed through Benguluru.

Fake Migration stamps are issued

In the month of January 2016, CCB has received the complaint from the UK visa officials about all these fake migration stamps. These face migration stamps are issued by the three travel companies mainly. Around 8 cases of this fake documentation issues were brought up.  Now, all the city police have been geared up and may take the actions on all these fraud things. Earlier, Chotta Rajan was been arrested where he has used the fraud passport with the name ‘Mohan Kumar from Mandya’ in which he also used the passport to travel to Indonesia from Australia.