Features you will lose by upgrading to Windows 10, list of the features lost due to upgrading of the OS to the windows 10, what would you lose due to win 10.

Features you will lose by upgrading to Windows 10

Features you will lose by upgrading to Windows 10

There are already features about the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. While Windows 10 will have the feature enhancements such as the return of the Start Menu, the Cortana personal digital assistant on smartphones, tablets and desktops and the new Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft has compiled a list of depreciated features on its Windows 10 specifications page. Some of the Features you will lose by upgrading to Windows 10 are discussed below which might be the features that you have been using since past years.

Even the several features may be lost the users can also find alternatives for many of the features being removed from the Windows 10 operating system.

Top Features you will lose by upgrading to Windows 10

Windows Media Center:  

When you get Update to Windows 10 there would be no more Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center was used for users entertainment needs, allowing them record live television, display photo slide shows and access streaming content etc…

Some alternatives we can look for the windows Media Center include Kodi, Plex, MediaPortal. Other possible replacements for Windows Media Center are streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu etc.

Desktop Gadgets:

The desktop gadgets that we are using since Windows 7  Features you will lose by upgrading to Windows 10. As have already been discontinued from Windows 7. Developers have created software which allows users to install gadgets on the Windows 8 and the win 8.1 and users will be able to install gadgets on to Windows 10.

Windows Games:

The new win 10 OS Say goodbye to those games that we have played seriously like Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts. Any Windows version updating to Windows 10 will have these features removed. But users who still need to access Solitaire and Minesweeper can access them through the Microsoft App Store.

Floppy Disk Drivers

Most of the computer users don’t use floppy disk drives. Even if you are using now this Features you will lose by upgrading to Windows 10.  Those who ever want access to the USB floppy drives will have to download the latest driver from Windows Update.

DVD Playback Software

The another most important Features you will lose by upgrading to Windows 10 is the DVD playback software. The users will have to add separate playback software to play DVDs on a Windows 10 O.S computer.

So the best option for playing the DVDs, or any video media on your computer may be now VLC media player. Users can also use WinDVD or PowerDVD instead of the dvd play back software.

Update Defers

After the updation of the OS users with the Windows 10 Home version will receive updates automatically. The users has no need to check the updates on the later time. Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise users will have the ability to defer updates.