First Indian drag strip to be launch at Hyderabad. Hyderabad is going to host for the drag racing. NHRA decided to start drag racing at hyderabad and made an announcement about the launch at Hyderabad.

First Indian drag strip to be set up in Hyderabad

First Indian drag strip to be launch at Hyderabad

If everything went perfectly, Hyderabad will become the first city in India to brag a proper National Hot Rod Association drag strip (NHRA) – an announcement made by the city based Yash Motorsport last week.

Hughes will plays a major role in setting up the facility

Hughes was instrumental in development and operation of the drag racing facilities at Bahrain International Circuit and Yas Marina Circuit under the NHRA Worldwide Network. Present at the announcement were Mark Hughes from MRK1 consulting – a Bahrain-based consultancy which specializes in the development and operation of motorsports venues.  Hughes is expected to play a major role in setting up the facility, training and running the races as well.

Track will be made as per the NHRA standards says Raj Kattelu

Former FMSCI President Vicky Chandhok and current president Zayn Khan were also present at the announcement. Founder of Yash Motorsports, Raj Kattelu, announced that a one-km, two lane strip will be built on the outskirts of the Telangana capital. As per NHRA standards, track length will be 400m with another 600m allocated for shutdown area – where cars can slow down and come to a stop from high speeds.