Flickr presented free storage for every user, alongside an automatic uploader apparatus that sorted out each photograph from your hard drive or SD card in one spot.

Flickr Makes Photo Upload Tool A Paid Feature

Presently the organization has reported that these services won’t be free any longer, as users should pay a membership expense to utilize these devices. A move which could conceivably murder Yahoo’s photograph services, as clients have a plenty of different choices, for example, Google Photos which naturally go down your photographs on the cloud for nothing.

Flickr’s uploader apparatus made the administration exceedingly famous among photography geeks, making it the spot for photographs. In spite of the fact that now they’ll need to pay a yearly membership expense of $49.99 ( Rs 3,354 approx) to utilize the instruments that made Flickr prevalent.

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Fortunately, users s can simply make a beeline for Google Photos where they can utilize a comparative uploader tool for nothing. Recently, Google reported it’s plans to close Picasa principally to move concentrate on the recently launched Google Photos propelled a year prior.

Google Photos was made a standalone application a year ago and since than has as of now piled on more than 100 million every months dynamic users. The organization is currently been giving the application a few updates. For example, simply a week ago it was upgraded with a pack of effective editing tool. While only a couple of days back, Google Photos was updated on iOS with backing for Live Photos – the new photograph position presented with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.