Free National Roaming for BSNL users from June 15

Free National Roaming for BSNL users from June 15

Indian Poplar telecom service, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited shortly termed as BSNL. From June 15 no Roaming for BSNL customers across India. This might be first network provider with such special offer. Free National Roaming for BSNL users from June 15 is really shocking the Network World.

BSNL network is offering India wide free roaming service’s. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union minister ” Spectrum Trading and sharing policy ” will be under Cabinet minister. Basically full mobile portable facilities will be given in between the month of june.

The minister highlights in front of media. He says that, Such acheivements are just a part of Narendra modi Government. Though this is First time Modi in ruling the Government. He will be ruling best with Innovative ideas says Ravi shankar.

BSNL not to charge roaming rate

NDA Government had officially announced about free roaming before elections. The same idea is been announced by predecessor rules among the party. i.e., UPA Authority.

I this academic year Reliance and Vodafone announced the plans in reducing roaming charges. Vodafone announced 40% reduce in roaming charges. BSNL mostly going to introduce some new tariff plans by this January.

In the month of May 2015, BSNL reduced roaming tariff’s by 40% for both prepaid and postpaid mobile connections. This telecom tariff was announced by telecom tariff of India.

According to the minister, for both the state-run operators such as BSNL and the MTNL are been showing losses.

BSNL subscribers to enjoy Free roaming

According to the statistics of 2004, BSNL got profit f an about of Rs. 10,000 crore, according to the minister. “In 2014, when I took charge, BSNL showed a loss of Rs. 7,500 crore.

The MTNL was in great profits till 2008, when i was taken charge, it showed losses. Whatever it might be MTNL is now running in Profits. Since Good governance, the minister said. Actually this is becaming a casualty “as far as these PSUs are concerned,” and those sitting in Sanchar bhavan will have to “apportion blame”.