Free Space in Iphone, need some tips on this?

One of the major problems with all the iPhone users is about its space, and specially the ones who have an iPhone with 16GB of memory and its main drawback is that the storage capacity in an iPhone is not expandable they way it is in its rivals. So, in this article, I will give you the tips that will help you to free up the space in your Apple device.

With these tips, you need not delete the photos and videos everyday or even delete a few unused apps, you just need to follow these tips and have a good storage capacity in your Iphone.

10 tips to free space on your iPhone

10 tips to free space on your iPhone

  • Though whatsapp app has the feature of not saving the media in the chats, but a lot of times, it tends to happen that media gets accumulated in the higher amount. Make sure that you take a back up of all the required pictures on your google drive so that you can open the picture after deleting it as well.
  • You can also delete all the un-neccessary messages that you have in your phone, though it does not eat up much space, its always better to keep your phone free.
  • Make sure that you download only those apps that you actually require and use, don’t let the other apps dominate your phone memory.
  • In case you are using the feature of HDR in your phone, under the settings menu, you also have an option to turn off ‘Keep normal photos’ which avoids the duplication of the photos.
  • Delete all the old songs that you don’t listen to now. With new songs coming everyday, people tend to forget the old ones, so please delete it.

Thus, I hope that this article will help all the iPhone users.

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