Ganesh Nimajjanam/ Visarjan 2016 Live Streaming Hyderabad, Mumbai on 15-09-2016 (September 15th) Minute to Minute,Watch Khairatabad Ganesh Immersion Live Tv Hyderabad, Lal Bagh Ganesh Live Tv Visarjan From Pune, Rajasthan, Delhi, Jaipur across INDIA and US will watch Here.

Ganesh Nimajjanam/ Visarjan 2015 Live Streaming Hyderabad, Mumbai

Ganesh Nimajjanam/ Visarjan 2016 Live Streaming Hyderabad, Mumbai :

Ganesh Visarjan is also known as Vinayaka Nimajjanam in telugu speaking areas. So statue of Lord ganesha is immersed into water body, preferably in a river, lake or sea. After final offering of coconuts, flowers and sweets the statues of Lord Ganesha are taken to the water body through the street procession.

In Mumbai, Ganesha Visarjan is performed under the guidance of Ganpati Mandals. The street procession is accompanied with Dhol, Tasha and the other traditional instruments. Ganesha Visarjan continues throughout the night till the next morning. Few families perform Ganesha Visarjan on the 3rd, 5th or 7th day rather performing it on the 11th day as per their family tradition. The idol of Lord Ganesha can be immersed in the water of tub or bucket.

Vinayaka Nimmajanam 2016 Live Streaming From Tank Bund/ Hussain Sagar :

Vinayaka Chavithi Celebrations will be Held For 10 days at different places with Auspicious pooja and ganaapathi laddu. After Completion of 10 Days There will be a Ganpathi laddu Velam Pata (Bid). So Many will have to to Participate in these for Buying. It have Importance who buys this for very huge and it will gives lot of Devotion and Worship from Lord ganesha.

Watch the Ganesh Visarjan, Vinayaka Nimmajanam/ Immersion Live From Tank Bund, Mumbai :

Watch Khairatabad Vinayaka Nimmajanam Live Here :

Khairatabad Ganesh Idol Made with 50 lakh Rupess in 58 Feet this 2016 Year. and This is very Interesting while immersion and every eyes on Khairatabad Vinayaka Nimmajanam Live in Tv and Direct. So , Exclusively watch Here.

Watch Ganesh Visarjan Live From Mumbai :


you Can watch Ganesh Visrajan from Vijayawada, Tirupathi,Guntur, Vizag and Kakinda and Many More Cities From Here.

Hyderabad Ganesh Nimmajanam Traffic Rules and Alternate Places :

  1. At Hotel Marriot (Viceroy) T Junction: General traffic coming from Karbala Maidan will not be allowed towards the Upper Tankbund except the vehicles carrying idols from immersion and will be diverted towards Kavadiguda X Roads. Public who are intending to go towards Liberty kindly take the route via Kavadiguda X Roads, Gandhi Nagar T Junction, DBR Mills, Indira Park and Domalguda. Those intending to go towards Khairathabad and punjagutta may take the route via Ranigunj, Nallagutta, Sanjeevaiah Park, Necklace Road and Khairathabad Flyover.
  2. At Necklace Rotary: General traffic coming from Khairatabad flyover will not be allowed towards the NTR Marg, except the vehicles carrying Ganesh idols for immersion, and will be diverted towards Necklace Road or the Mint Compound Road.
  3. At Telugu Talli Statue Junction: Traffic will not be allowed towards NTR Marg and will be diverted towards Iqbal Minar at Telugu Talli Junction and the traffic going towards Secunderabad will take to Telugu Talli Flyover and will go to Katta Maisamma Temple, DBR Mills and then proceed via Children Park, Sailing Club, Karbala Maidan.
  4. At DBR: Traffic coming from Goshala and proceed towards upper tankbund will not be allowed and will be diverted at DBR towards Lower Tankbund.