Gemini Music Anchor ‘Nirosha’ Committed Suicide

Nirosha a 23-year old women working as a Television Anchor in Gemini Music has committed suicide and found dead in the early morning hours on 16th March 2016 (Wednesday) by hanging herself. Nirosha was a staying in a ladies hostel at Sindhi Colony of the Secunderabad and the suicide of her came in to light when the hostel management has reported to the police regarding this. After getting the information from the hostel management, police has registered the case under the section 174 of the criminal procedure code. More details of the Nirosha are as follows.

Gemini Music Anchor 'Nirosha' Committed Suicide

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About Anchor Nirosha

Nirosha was a 23-year old lady, daughter of K Radhakrishna. She was from the Somala Manadal of the Chittor District. As per few Telugu New Channels, it is known that Nirosha has worked briefly as a reporter with another Telugu channel before she has been hired as an anchor in the Music channel.

Gemini Music Anchor 'Nirosha' Committed Suicide

Reason behind Nirosha’s Suicide

Police after registering the suicide case has started their investigation and they are now inquiring about all the possible reasons that led her to this severe step of suicide. Till now the details of the case are like this, Police officials had said that, Nirosha had made a phone call few minutes before she had hanged herself committing suicide and that they added that, they are trying to find out with whom she had spoken and what she had spoke on the phone call. Police officials were suspecting that, there would be some love affair for her which would have led her to take this suicide step. But, nothing is proved as of now and the more details are yet to come on the way of investigation. Until the full details of the Nirosha’s Suicide case are out we can’t conclude anything perfectly. Anyhow, let us extend our condolences to their family.