GHMC Elections 2016 Counting Postponed

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GHMC elections 2016 votes counting are postponed in Old city of Puranapool in 52nd divisions because of re-polling. As per the news, the counting was started in Friday evening at 4’o clock. The re-polling of Puranapool has occurred because of battle with parties of Congress MIO that’s why the greater elections votes counting was started from evening 4’o clock. The election commission stated that the re-polling was started in little time. The GHMC Elections commissions Janardhan Reddy was told to Ministers organise the arrangements of re-polling elections. In Puranapool, the re-polling was started from tomorrow 7’o clock to 4’0 clock in 36 polling centres.

GHMC means for ‘Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation which was freshly known as MCH i.e., Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad now transformed and commonly called as GHMC. The municipal elections are supposed once a five year the similar period term as Lok sabha and Vidhan sabha election term. The current GHMC elections were supposed in the city of Hyderabad in the year 2009 under the combined Andhra Pradesh government. But as at the present Telangana state is removed the elections will obtain a novel interweave

GHMC Elections 2016 Counting Postponed

GHMC Elections 2016:

The TS Government surrendered a proclamation in the high court that GHMC elections should be performed and concluded by 31st January 2016 but High Court Extended GHMC Polls by a Month, the GHMC Elections will be finished by the month of February 2016. All the political parties have publicized their List of Candidates for GHMC Elections 2016.

GHMC Elections 2016 Notification (Issue of Public Notice): 12-01-2016

  • Final date for filing Nomination forms: 17-01-2016
  • Inspection of Nominations: 18-01-2016
  • Removal of Nominations: 21-01-2016
  • GHMC Polls Date: 02-02-2016
  • Hours of Poll: 7 am to 5 pm
  • GHMC Re-Polling (if necessary) 04-02-2016
  • GHMC Election Results or Counting of Votes: 05-02-2016