GHMC website turned hot with Sunny Leone’s Image

The GHMC’s site was hacked on Monday and a bare picture of Bollywood performing artist Sunny Leone showed up on one of its supplementary website pages. Staggered authorities from the IT and Citizen Services wing of the municipal body expelled the connection, and the picture, when the matter was conveyed to their notification. The picture of Leone showed up on the page of the Off Site Real Time observing framework (OSRT) on GHMC’s site. The OSRT is implied for checking waste vans and convey ongoing upgrades on the vehicles conveying cannot.

GHMC authorities in the mean time did not hold up a protest about the asserted hacking and have obviously shut the matter after an inward enquiry. It stays indistinct what move has been made. Despite everything it not clear who was behind the ruining of the OSRT site. Appointee designer of IT wing Mr Somashekhar said that the GHMC had quit utilizing the OSRT innovation one-and-a-half years back.

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GHMC website turned hot with Sunny Leone’s Image

Government destinations regularly have vulnerabilities

Perilous vulnerabilities have been distinguished in a few government sites and these openings in security make the greater part of them extremely inclined to programmers. As of late, the MeeSeva site was hacked by claimed Pakistan-based programmers.

Moral programmers are supporting Linux-based servers to beat dangers. The vast majority of the administration’s locales are being keep running on Server 2003 which has significantly less security highlights when contrasted with Server-2008.

Specialists claim Server-2003 was intended to shield databases and pages from Denial of Service assaults however programmers nowadays are utilizing modern innovation to damage sites. It’s trusted that programmers from Pakistan, China and Turkey are receiving “SQL Injection” strategies for damaging target sites.

President and originator of Sytech Labs and digital wrongdoing expert for AP and Telangana police, Mr. Sandeep Mudalkar said the cutting edge programmer has no need of client points of interest. “If the programme recognizes provisos in any site, he can introduce a shell program in the ‘MySQL Database’. When he introduces the shell program, he doesn’t require a client ID or secret word of a site and he can get to information or damage the site,” he said. He included that most government site pages have vulnerabilities in sidebars or in “header” or ‘footers’.