Ghost Exists in Allari Naresh’s house!

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe in ghosts living in your house? Do you believe in living in a haunted house?

Well, Allari Naresh finds a ghost in his house. Not in the real life but reel life.

Allari Naresh is doing his next comedy film that is titled,’ Maa Intlo Undi Deyyam Nakenduku Bhayam, that in English means ‘Ghost exists in my house, why would I fear them.’

I know that the title of the movie is little strange and gives you a feeling of something comedy and scary at the same time.

Allari Naresh says ghost exists in his house!

About  Allari Naresh:

He is an Indian actor, son of veteran director and producer, E V V Satyanarayana. He moved to Hyderabad after he was done with his schooling at Sri M Venkatasubbha Rao Matriculation Higher Secondary School at T Nagar, Chennai. He is fluent in 4 languages that are English, hindi, telugu and tamil.

Allari Naresh is not his real name, his name is Edara Naresh, he got the title as Allari after he achieved the success with his first tollywood movie. He have also received Nandi award for best supporting actor and also Filmfare best supporting Actor.

He is not only an actor, he also produces films with his elder brother, with their production company E V V Cinema. He is highly talented and married to Kantamneni in May 2015.

Coming back to the ghosts, this movie is going to be a comedy entertainer under the direction of G Nageshwara Reddy. The movie is being produced by BVSN Prasad, who is one of the most talented producers we have in our tollywood industry. Other details as in the female lead and other details are not yet disclosed.

Stay tuned for more updates.