Girls From Small Towns Showing their Talent At Beauty Pageants : The girls from unknown towns showing their talent at Beauty Pageants. They are from the small town where the names also not much known to anyone.

Girls From Small Towns Showing their Talent At Beauty Pageants
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Girls From Small Towns Showing their Talent At Beauty Pageants

The Beauty queens from the unfamiliar towns are showing their charm around the world. They are confident and very sincere to acheive their goals in life. By speaking to a few of them for a few minutes, they share their views on haling from lesser known towns, and what made them to become winner all the way.

Sushrii Shreaya shares her opinion about the life in small towns

Miss India United Continents 2015, Sushrii Shreya Mishra utters, I feel the advantage that I have is that, I have been to the remotest villages, because my father is from army, so that I got a chance to stay in villages. Being from small town, it helped me a lot to learn the culture and to lead a simple life. The real beauty of a town is its simplicity. We can easily get managed to stay in the city, but it is different to lead a life in town. We have to be stay down to the earth in every aspect.

Advantages of being stayed at small town

Vartika Singh who is Miss India Grand International 2015 from Lucknow shared her opinion on being a small town girl. She says,”I am from lesser known place like Lucknow, but I have a very strong foundation. I respect to my culture and tradition, I am deeply attached to those, which makes me to stay strong in all the aspects.
The only drawback, of hailing from a small town is they don’t know about these kind of opportunities. People from smaller towns are not much familiar about this beauty pageants, and I feel that I’m lucky to won a pageant by representing to my country at Miss Grand International pageant.

Drawbacks of being stayed in small town

Another beauty queen, who represented at Miss Universe, Manasi Moghe shared her views that how she bagged Miss Diva 2013 crown. Manasi says, “I am from Indore, and belongs to a family where my parents give primary importance to academics. Participating in a beauty pageant is a bit of menace decision, but I decided to go ahead
with it, because I used to follow beauty pageants from my childhood. ” Being from a small town, it felt me that I am secure about myself, and I am very confident about my decision.

To say out the disadvantages, I don’t know much more about the pageants in the smaller towns. When I make a way to Mumbai, I came to know about the beauty pageants. I got a chance to represent from India as Miss Universe pageant at Moscow. It was a very good experience, I got a chance to meet people from different countries, with
different cultures.