Godavari Pushkaralu Ringtone Mahapushkaram For Mobiles while Pushkar Days

Godavari Pushkaralu Ringtone Mahapushkaram

Are You Planning To Go to Godavari Pushkaralu 2015? if You go to Pushkaralu , When you enters into West Godavari and East Godavari the Mobile Ringtone will be Changed. The Ring tone Named will hear as “Mahapushkaram” Ringtone.This New Startegies are implementing Uniquely By Chandra Babu Government this Year.In those 12 Days of Pushkar in East and west Godavari Districts Every Mobile Ringtone Should be Hear as this.so this has been implemented.All works are done to set for Mobile when they enter.

Apart From this , All the States CM’s Invited to be Part in this and for Visiting while Pushkaralu timings. This is Powerful Pushkaralu only gets for 400 years once,actually normal pushakaralu will be get for 12 years.

For Piligrams , the Queue Lines will be set as like VVIP , VIP and Normal people.

The Godavari Pushkaralu Dates Starts From July 14 to July 25 and polices are going to Arrange 261 Parking Places For all the People,Around Godavari Districts.