Google Changed New Logo – Creates a New History (01-09-2015), Google Suddenly Unveiled a new logo in Home page for Internet users. Suddenly Shocked After a long time. Check Why Google Has Changed New Logo ?

Google Changed New Logo - Creates a New History (01-09-2015)
Google Changed New Logo – Creates a New History (01-09-2015)

Google Changed New Logo – Creates a New History (01-09-2015) :

Finally Google has changed it’s logo, yes it’s for real! It’s just been a month since Google has announced it’s new company Alphabet and Google is now updating it’s logo also. Although it isn’t a logo, it is still in words but it has made the logo little modern and playful. This time the colors also seems to be light and smoother. So know you might be thinking why did Google change it’s logo, let me tell you! In a blog article Google has told us how the technology is evolving and how the internet users are rapidly growing. Now honestly speaking Google is no longer just a website which you visit on your computer. Google has got ton’s of apps and different services.

Google writes that its new logo is meant to reflect “this reality and [show] you when the Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens.” Now honestly speaking it’s an really major change made by Google in the past 16 years! Since the year 1998, Google has been using the same text logo with different fonts on it. It really takes courage for a company to change it’s logo! It’s not just what your thinking, Google has a really big plan and they are secretly working behind the scenes. They are soon going to come up with a big blast. Because they also have an parent company which is Alphabet, the chances are more that they are planning something really big! Google might soon also change the logo of all the other products and services which it offer. Again, fingers crossed!

At the end of the day it is Google and it can do anything. So chances are more that they are doing all these things to make sure that Alphabet will be a biggest hit!

Watch The Video Of New Google Logo and How it Works on Home Page :