Google just made to access your account easily by bringing all the enhanced features to your finger tips. Google mainly concentrated on security this time, where many number of users are facing these kind of problems in the recent days.

Google just made to access your account easily

Google just made to access your account easily

Up to now, if we wanted to change security setting for Google, we often had to search the settings inside the settings menu of different applications, which is quite tedious job. From Monday onwards it had changed. The Google introduced “My Account” which is new. This page lets you jerk all of your settings. The settings which are introduced in the “My Account” are you can access your private information, account preferences, security settings all from one page.

Security to the Data

“My Account will gives quick access to the settings and tools that help you to protect your data, protect your privacy, and decide what information is used to make Google services to make your work better for you”, Google said. It also providing more ambience to help you understand your options to make right choices for users.”

Added Features to the Existing one

The site is partitioned mainly into three categories, they are: “Sign-in & Security,””Personal info & Privacy,” and “Account preferences.” You can access everything from the portal, which includes app passwords, 2-step verifications, you recovery email, your location or browsing history and more. The account can be deleted and can remove specific services. Google said it decided to create the portal in a way that more than 90 percent of Internet users want to be able to control their privacy. Only 9 percent are feeling that they have control a lot on their account.To know the more information check out the page now. You can surprise with the enhanced features provided by Google to you.