Gujarat govt – It is mandatory for every one to use their vote, Everyone should use their vote in the upcoming elections says Gujarat government

Gujarat govt - It is mandatory for every one to use their vote

Gujarat govt – It is mandatory for every one to use their vote

Gujarat : For the first time in the Indian constituency, the government passed a rule that each and every one who is eligible to cast their vote need to use it compulsorily. The Gujarat government issued a notification in Ahmedabad on making voting compulsory for people of the state during elections to local self-governing bodies.

Incidentally, the bill was introduced when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat. The notification would mean that people have to compulsorily vote from now onwards during elections held for municipal corporations, municipalities, and all village panchayats.

Persons who not cast their vote will have to face the punishments

The act has also made provisions to punish the people those who fail to vote. However, the notification issued today has not specified what punishment would be meted out to voters who fail to exercise their franchise. The notification was issued today by the Gujarat State Urban Development and Urban Housing Department. The Gujarat state government also issued another notification making voting compulsory for elected representatives of local bodies, who would face disqualification if they do not vote.

“We have issued notifications regarding the compulsory voting provision. Through these notifications, we are now making it compulsory for both citizens as well as elected representatives to cast their votes in local body elections,” Gujarat Health Minister and government spokesperson Nitin Patel said.

“Later, we plan to announce what punishment would be meted out for people who fail to vote during local body elections. The Gujarat state government will announce rules regarding the degree and mode of punishment in the days to come,” Patel said.

Large scale local body polls for 253 municipalities, 208 taluka panchayats, 26 district panchayats and six municipal corporations are to be held in October this year.