Hike in Visa Fee for US

The H – 1B and L – 1 category of non immigrants for which there has been a significant fee hike, correspond with the categories of specialists and intra corporate transferees, both of which are part of US commitments under the WTO’s General Agreement on Trade in Services.

The United State accounts for a close to 60 per cent of software exports from India. Indian IT professionals have a positive role in contributing to the competitiveness of the US economy

The U.S citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) said applicants for certain categories of H1B visa post December 18, 2015 must submit an additional fee of $ 4,000, in addition those who are applying for certain L1 A and L1 B must submit an Additional $ 4,500

H-1B Visa Fee Hike

NEW DELHI: India and the US will hold a two – day bilateral consultation from Wednesday under the aegis of the world trade organization  (WTO) over the American move to impose high fees on temporary working Visas.

In March, India dragged the US in WTO dispute settlement body against the latter’s measures imposing increased fees on certain applicants for L – 1 and H – 1B categories.

In India there are also same categories which are extensively used by Indian service suppliers, especially in the IT sector, Supplying services in the US.  India and United State share a mutually Inter-Dependent and beneficial relationship in trade services, which is well documented. As there is an increase in volume of services trade which have also contributed the economic growth and employment opportunities within the United State.

India is hopeful that the deliberations during the WTO consultations shall be constructive and would also result in the removal of these trade restrictive measures. And the government is also looking forward to the consultations with the US at the World Trade Organization which is scheduled for May 11th and 12th..