Haryana Minister Walks Out of Meet after Argue with IPS

Haryana State Health Minister Anil Vij walks out of a meeting of District Complaints and Public Relations Committee after a disagreement with Fatehabad SP Sangeeta Kalia who refused to go even when the minister told officer to “Get Out” in Fatehabad, Haryana on Friday.

The incident took place on Friday in Fatehabad, where the minister, district administration officials and police were hearing people’s complaints. An NGO raise the issue of illegal sale of liquor, alleging that complaints to the police had yielded no results.

Kalia questioned about the complainant, saying he should have brought it to her notice. The complainant said he had told concerned SHO, but the IPS officer continued to protect the police. Dissatisfied with Kalia’s clarification of their efforts, minister asked the IPS officer to “get out”. When Kalia refuse to do so, Vij walked out of the meeting.

Haryana Politician Vs Woman Police Officer Fight

IPS officer refuses to go out when Ministers said Get Out

Minister Anil Vij told the media “Despite my repetitive instructions, the police have not taken efficient steps to solve the problem. When I questioned Kalia, she protected the police. She even accused the government of facilitating sale of liquor. Since she was in no mood to listen to people’s complaints and assure action, I asked her to leave the room. When she decline, I walked out. I will inform the Chief Minister about this.”

Kalia refused to talk on this. When media contacted, IPS officer said, “I will not say anything on the matter. It happened in front of people and there is video recording.” Social media sites were busy with videos of the spot.

The footage shows Kalia blaming the government for easy sale of liquor. When Minister Vij confronts her, she clarifies, “I meant that it is the government that gives license for sale of liqour.”