Heavy Rain and Floods at Houston, Oklahoma

People at Texas, Oklahoma are suffering from great storms since from Memorial day Weekend. About 31 people were died due to this Heavy Rain and Floods at Houston, Oklahoma. About 11 people were missing from their Places.
It is not yet known weather these people were alive or died. Officials were trying a lot to save people near to River areas. Basically South Texas is fourth largest state of United States. People were suffering a lot at Oklahoma due to this storm.

Heavy Rain and Floods at Houston, Oklahoma - 31 Died
ImageCredits -Weather.com
ImageCredits -Weather.com

ImageCredits -Weather.com

Local River may Rise Further

The four Rivers Brazos, Colorado, Trinity, San Jacin to may start flooding if this Storm continues. Official are explaining that, These Flood waters are residing into residence..Moreover Rescue team is working hard to save lives.
As Officials said, This is not the first time for USA to suffer from floods. Weather it may be dry or wet land, Storm may turn everything. The Brazos River had raised to about 49 feet and expected to continue till Monday morning. Alligators were out from Muddy water and humans near by were in great terror.

Floods Effects in Houston (Texas)

National Weather Service which is Located at Houston, Passed warnings through mobiles or official updates. But Officials said that, Devices over their were not working. They were unable to pass these warning messages to the people over their.
The Floods in the City Destroyed a lot. More than 2,500 vehicles were unused, anywhere from 800 to 1,400 living houses were destroyed. Thousands of Homes are filled with Water. A 14 year kid was identified dead along with his dog.

Heavy Storms at Oklahoma

A High school student was found dead near to River bank. Jonathan McComb, living alone in house was been visited by a family for holiday weekend. all were attended from Corpus cristi. Laura aged about 33 wife of McComb and his 4-year-old daughter, Leighton were missing. His 6-year-old son, Andrew, was found in the River.