3.64 lakhs fine collection for violating traffic rules : Telangana state government continuously warning to use helmets for two-wheeler users and to have driving license for all the vehicle driving people. The police of Hyderabad city, had taken a serious step to control accidents and to maintain road safety. In Telangana state Helmets, driving license mandatory. Police has started to charge fine for those who violate the traffic rules from Tuesday, March 1st 2016.

Helmet's, Driving license Mandatory In Telangana

Helmet’s, Driving license Mandatory In Telangana – First day Fine 3.64 lakhs

On the first day itself, police caught thousands of people who doesn’t have helmets and driving License. Police has collected 3,64,200 lakhs fine from those who violated the traffic rules.The city police has organised a special drive. As a part in this, police caught 2,278 people who were driving two-wheeler without helmets and collected 2,28,200 Rupees fine from those two-wheeler. They also caught 272 people who drove without driving license and collected 1,36,000 rupees from them. so on the first day of the drive totally they have collected 3.64 lakhs for violating traffic rules.

Helmet’s, driving license mandatory from Wednesday (Today)

As mentioned, the driving license and helmets are mandatory from Wednesday (02-03-2016). The police will strictly implement the rule in both the twin-cities. If any one is caught violating the rules then they will obviously under go some strict actions. police may collect fine from them or may even subject to judicial custody if any person violate the traffic rules. The police department has specially motivated the citizens to implement this rule. Police department has conducted special drives to educate the drivers.

The police officials stated that every one who drives motor cycle must and should wear a helmet and all the vehicle drivers must carry their License. They also stated that seat belt is mandatory for those who drives cars. If someone violates these rules then for sure they will be subjected to penalty.

So citizens of Hyderabad, be aware of this. carry helmets, driving license and car holders don’t forget to wear seat belts. Avoid penalty by following the traffic rules. Following traffic rules can save your life, money and time now.