Help Seniors Live Better with Developed eSeniorCare New App

A team of researchers has made technology meet the society by coming up with a new app that can help seniors live healthier. The new technological solution developed by the University of Notre Dame researchers is intended at enhancing the physical health, vitality and brain fitness of seniors residing in independent living communities.

One of the conventional challenges of these communities is how caretakers and nurses can provide support in surroundings where they have lots of patients. Unlike many available apps for seniors that merely track data, this app, called eSeniorCare, creates a custom-made socio ecological construct around the senior.

It not only helps allow and connect the seniors, but also provides a continuity of care allowing health workers to proactively extend to at risk seniors when they need assistance, while still allowing them to maintain their independence. Seniors can attach with care providers by transfer concerns and questions as text or voice recordings.

Help Seniors Live Better with Developed eSeniorCare New App

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eSeniorCare app for Seniors

A physical health element of the app allows seniors to track a variety of health goals. The app also features medication preparation and management, medication history, medication reminders and medication observance. One of eSeniorCare’s most popular attributes with seniors is brain games intended to improve cognitive health and avoid destruction of mental function.

“eSeniorCare empowers our residents to sustain their independence by providing a structure for medication, nutrition and pain management”, said Kimberly Green Reeves, eSeniorCare project coordinator. There are Sudoku and crossword puzzles with other games that can give mental motivation.

When seniors initial started to use the eSeniorCare app, there were some unease, developers said, but later on, these patients rapidly became at simple and eager with using it. The app is being direct experienced at senior independent living facilities in the South Bend area and is not yet accessible to the general public.