Heroine Trisha To Enter Into Politics – Chennai  , A Beautiful Tamil and Tollywood Actress trisha is Entering into Politics as per Film Buzz,Is trisha entering politics?

Trisha To Enter Into Politics
Trisha To Enter Into Politics

Heroine Trisha To Enter Into Politics – Chennai :

Is trisha entering politics?? Yes You are Right.

Sensational creating trisha is now going to create one more sensation by entering into politics is the latest talk.The most beloved person for trisha is jayalalitha and she want to join in jayalalitha’s Anna DMK party.Trisha has stolen the hearts of the young generation.The chennai beauty has huge fan following in tollywood too.She ruled tamil,telugu industries by pairing up with top heros.She frequently faces hurdles in her real life though she has rapid movement in her career,this makes her to feel down always.

The rumours about her made her little weak.The rumours include about the video tapped while having a bath,had drunk with her friends on the chennai beach roads at night times.She stongly opposed all these rumours.Adding this,her fathers death who live alone at hyderabad made her too weak.Apart from this the engagement was broken with the Cinema director Varunamani N which made trisha to feel more sad.With mis-understandings between them they broken their engagement.But,she stated she is happy for the decision she had taken about engagement.Also added she will never take any decision faster in her marriage.

Now she has 5 movies to act in her hands.She always maintain the craze in the people.Now she turned to 32 ,as the industry is giving more chances to the new actors so,she decided to find another path in her career.

Many actors entered into politics and she got inspired by them and wanted to enter in the politics.Trisha love jayalalitha and she shared few pictures of her along with jayalalitha.It is expected that she would join with the party in 2016.