Hilarious Video Spoofs Which Explain Student’s Struggle. These videos will explain all the struggles of students who are facing examinations.

Hilarious Video Spoofs Which Explain Student's Struggle

Hilarious Video Spoofs Which Explain Student’s Struggle :-

Facebook memes has turned to videos from pics now a days, Facebook pages using video memes to impress their followers. They are providing their lots of fun their followers by creating video memes which are relating struggles of students to film songs and scenes. Here some of videos surely you will love.

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1.Students Reactions During Exams :-

Different stages of student reactions during exams are clearly explained in this video. what students do one week before the exams, one day before the exams and finally after the results. This video was done with prabhas songs relating to the situation. These songs were taken from Mirchi and Mr perfect movie.

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Student Cycle :VSame Situation 😛 -Follow Comedy Tonic – Telugu for more

Posted by Comedy Tonic – Telugu on Sunday, September 13, 2015

2.Boys v/s Girls Life After B.tech :-

Life after B.tech is different for boys and girls, in this video they explained the life of boys and girls after B.tech in a funny way. Girls after B.tech life meme is related to samantha scene from seethamma vakitlo sirimalle chettu film and boys after B.tech life meme is related to Dhanush character in Raghuvaran B.tech film.

Boys and Girls Life After B-TechBoys and Girls Life After B-Tech

Posted by Anchor Anasuya on Wednesday, December 9, 2015