The Web Hosting is making one website accessible to users on Internet. Hosing is the basic step to begin a website. To start a website first we need to choose a domain name from the hosting provider. There are many hosting websites available for web hosting. All the Hosting websites will not guarantee the quality output.

Many of the users experience various troubles like server incapability to handle the traffic, server down in traffic time and many more critical issues. It is most important to choose the reliable hosting provider to manage with the website issues. Also the hosting provider must be able to handle the high traffic in a proper way. Though there are many hosing websites available in market, “Hosting Raja” is the most excellent and reliable service provider hosting website among all.

Hosting Raja offers various services and products to its clients with cheaper prices and quality assurance. If you are searching for a best hosting provider you can check all the details of Hosting Raja from here.

Hosting Raja – Best Web Hosting Provider

As I mentioned above, Hosting Raja will offer the reliable customer service with reasonable prices. It offers best services for domain registration and web hosting. Hosting Raja also offers the services in regional languages at best quality and affordable prices.

Hosting Raja is having a long span of business time, it has been established long before 10 years. The company is mainly specialised in web hosting services with efficient service to the clients. There are no complaining issues from the clients till now, it has been moving forward in business with 99.99% success rate.


This web hosting provider offers the service according to the specific interest of the client. And it is having millions of clients across India and also abroad.

The Services Offered by Hosting Raja:

  • WordPress hosting
  • Linux Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • Magento hosting

Hosting Raja Prices for Web Hosing

Hosting Raja offers service in three different types, they are Gold, Silver and Starter. You can choose the hosting plan as per your interest and requirement.

Gold           : This is for corporate companies clients, which costs 199/Month.

Silver                   : This is for Start- up and SME segment, which costs 99/Month

Starter        : This is for beginners i.e., starting new web sites, which costs 69/ Month.

Hosting Raja also offers premium price for more reliable and effective hosting services.

See the below images to know more about the hosting prices and plans.


Hosting Raja Client Support:

The Hosting Raja will always assists its client by providing the 24/7 Customer support. It is pleased to hear your queries and respond in quick time. If you are an E-Commerce firm, or an individual blogger Hosting Raja is always to fulfil your needs with reasonable prices. It offers various types of websites based on the requirement of clients.

The service provider also ensures that, clients can change to one plan to another as per their convenience.

Plans Offered by Hosting Raja:

It offers unlimited hosting plans that include features such as

  • Premium Unlimited
  • Premium Gold
  • Unlimited