How can a person who can’t write the spelling of physics gets 60 out of 60 marks in physics? The picture below is the clear evidence for the mischievous  acts of our corporate colleges. This is the perfect example for showing their behavior. The evaluation team had  awarded 60 out of 60 marks in physics for the student who can’t even write the spelling of physics properly and all the credit goes to the college management. First let us talk about this photo,then let us jump to discuss about our great management. Marks are the main aim of all the corporate colleges and marks are the only source for them to gain lakhs and crores of rupees. This is the fantastic example to say how the education will be in this college.

They awarded 60 out of 60 marks in Physics subject who wrote the subject spelling as “phiscs”. Is it the student mistake to get full out of full marks in Physics though he can’t write the spelling of the subject? Or Is it College mistake to award 60/60 marks for that student who doesn’t know the spelling of physics? whom should we blame?

How can a person who can't write the spelling of physics

In reality, this is the poisonous and dangerous tradition followed by all the colleges,their tradition is to promote their colleges by showing  the world that all the students in their colleges get top marks. Now let us see deeply into the colleges in which our children are studying.If there is 30 students in a class then they will give first ranks for 20 among them. If we question our self how is it possible, then the management is giving great scores for our children in order to impress parents. This the only reason behind this.

Even we also need marks and degrees only…right! Why do we need studies and knowledge when we are getting marks and degree? There is no miracle, this kind of things will happen until and unless we raise voices against this.

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