How to Apply for a Birth Certificate? Procedure in Online

What is Birth Certificate?

Birth certificate is one of the mainly significant documents declared by the government that provides details about your child such as date of birth, place, gender etc. you can Download the Birth certificate in Andhra pradesh/ Telangana/ Chennai States easily by giving details like hospital, ration card and etc. Follow the Below Details.

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How to Apply for a Birth Certificate Online & Procedure to Download

Why birth certificate is necessary?

The birth credential plays a vital position particularly when you are registering for admittance in schools or college, hospital advantages and additional. It also assists in beginning possessions and legacy maintains According to ‘Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969, it is obligatory to record your child’s birth. This wants to be complete within 21 days from the birth of your child. Issuing of birth official document might not be the similar all through the country. While mainly of the hospitals get care of the whole process for you, at times you might be necessary to apply for the certificate.

Documents Requires to Apply For Birth Certificate :

Parent’s birth certificates

Marriage certificate of the parents

Proof of birth letter in hospital

Parents’ identity proof (for verification).

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How to register the birth of your child

  • Once the hospital declares the letter position all the particulars of your child’s birth, after that you want to do is to do the registration.
  • You require filling the registration form specified by the registrar adjacent to you.
  • Once filled, you require submitting the form in the office of the restricted authorities.
  • The authorities will then do a correct confirmation with the hospital.  
  • Then, you want to visit the nearest District Statistical Officer and then verify the details of your registration.
  • You require paying Rs 5 for the copy of the credential in the statistical office.

Online registration of birth certificate

Since obtaining a credential is usually a boring job, lots of states have now comfortable the characteristics and even permit you to apply for the birth certificate online. For any states in India you can log onto: for applied in online. You required all the required documents of scanned documents. Fill the required details they necessary.