Vexed with pimples on your scalp ? How To Remove ? Here are some home made remedies for scalp pimples

Pimples in the scalp makes you to feel uneasy and even you cant comb your hair conveniently and also cant wash your hair properly.Even sometimes scalp pimples might also lead to hair loss.

Vexed with pimples on your scalp ? How To Remove ?
Vexed with pimples on your scalp ? How To Remove ?

Vexed with pimples on your scalp ? How To Remove ?

Are you Worrying with pimples in Hair? So Dont Worry Here Follow some Preventive Steps and Precautions TO Remove it.

You might have tried many and you might have spent lot of money to overcome scalp pimples but you might not get any results except wasting of time and money. The most common reasons are production of excess oil in the scalp, clogged pores and presence of dirt. You have to take measures immediately before they become more. Your scalp may become reddish and you might feel more itching. Some might had tried applying oil to the boils on the scalp but it helps to soothe your pain then nothing else. Here are some homemade remedies for scalp pimples. Treatment made by you at home can get you off from the scalp pimples, its easy to implement by yourself.

Homemade Remedies for scalp pimples :

Nutmeg powder(Jajikaya Podi) :

Take a Nutmeg (Jajikaya) and make it into powder, add four tablespoons of milk to the Nutmeg powder and apply it to your scalp by concentrating more on the infected area. After 30min rinse your hair with mild shampoo.

Have Healthy food :

Have healthy natural foods as they play an important role to have a healthy scalp. This may even get you off from scalp pimples

Don’t Scratch :

If you have itching don’t scratch the scalp as they can aggravates the pimples on your head.

Don’t Suffocate :

Don’t suffocate your scalp by wearing caps or hats which leads to lock the moisture. Make your scalp to have some air always.

Have a Garlic :

Have a garlic clove and mash it slightly and massage with this clove on the pimple area for few minutes as it helps to diminish scalp pimples. This massage can also gives you relief from pain.

Use Lemon juice

Squeeze half a lemon and apply it on the scalp in the pimple area. So that it cleanses your scalp and reduces the acne break outs.

Use a Tomato :

Use a ripped tomato and massage your scalp for few minutes. After half an hour rinse your hair with cold water. This works excellent on your scalp pimple.

Rose water

Apply few drops of rose water on the pimples in scalp which can numb the pain.

Use Neem Leaves :

To get the best result in quick manner use neem leaves. Boil the neem leaves for 20 to 30 minutes and now separate the solution and grind the leaves to have a paste. Now, apply the paste on the scalp entirely and more on the pimples area, after 30min rinse off with normal water. Neem have antiseptic and antibiotic properties so it works faster.

Use Lavender oil :

Another home remedy to treat the itchy scalp pimples and other infections. Take one tablespoon of lavender oil and mix it with one tablespoon of olive oil and 3-4 tablespoons of tea tree oil. Mix it with all the three and have it as a shampoo on the scalp to watch changes on your scalp infections.

 Avoid greasy Hair products :

Please do not take to thick and greasy Hair styling in case you want to get rid of those acnes on the scalp. In fact, the use of various hair products can cause blocking of the pores and in the way there can be acnes and boils on the scalp. Hair products for styling are used at random these days and they can really have adverse effects on the scalp. It is not god using gel, wax, hair spray and mousse. In case you are applying something to your hair which is taking time for the skin to absorb, this can really do bad to the scalp. The product causes an unusual film and the thickness of the same will encourage the growth of boils and pimples.