Online shopping is rapidly increasing all over the world especially in India. Most of the people prefer to order goods online instead of heading to a far located shop and purchase it. That’s the reason nothing offers a reliable way to shop offline than shopping online. With a provision of bounteous benefits like convenience, comfort and save money, people have been always looking forward to shopping online. In this hectic schedule of every individual, it is really tedious to visit a shopping mall, pick any of your desired attire from a vast collection and making payment by waiting for a pretty much time; all this seems to be a challenging task for the busy people.

How to Save Money While Shopping Online

How to Save Money While Shopping Online

For such kind of people, online shopping is a boon as it saves a lot of time and money of every individual. Thinking in the customer’s perspective, the E-commerce retailers seem to be becoming more and more creative these days to score great with shoppers. However, if you are an intelligent deal chaser or would just prefer to get significant discounts without a lot of attempts, try using these incredible ways to save money while shopping online.

How to Save Money While Shopping Online?

There are incredible ways to save money while shopping online. Just follow these simple tips in order to save money while shopping online.

  1. Just Add Items To Your Shopping Cart… Then Leave!

If you wish to purchase any item on one of the E-commerce shopping portals, you simply choose your item and add it to your shopping cart. Just leave it as it is once you’ve added that particular item to your cart. You need not check out, make payment or confirm the date and time for the delivery of the item. You will receive an email from the E-commerce portal saying that your booking of that specific product had not yet completed.

Add Items To Your Shopping Cart

It might be astonishing for you but, it is the fact. You will not only get a mail more than that you’ll be offered a lump sum discount on your initial booking. Unless you need an item promptly, put a few days between the time when you add the product to your online shopping cart, and when you check out. You never know what kinds of carrots the retailers may use to entice you across the ending track.

  1. Trick the Dynamic Pricing Trap

Dynamic pricing is a tricky tactic which is used by the online merchants to bestow various prices to diverse customers according to your location, nature of browsing, spending exemplars and current demand of the product. Sometimes, you may find filthy cheap airfare that goes 30% higher when you checked on a subsequent day. This is what we call it as dynamic pricing in action. As this technique become incredibly complicated, most retailers are absolutely conscious of your cost point and may present you a higher price in comparison to someone else who spends little in online shopping.

Tips to acquire a less biased price

  • Every time whenever you finish your shopping online, clear the browsing history and cookies.
  • Log out from all your accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, G+ and so on.
  • Switch to the incognito mode of browsing.
  • Choose confined (local) website versions rather than redirected to the US.
    Pick less developed countries as an address to get better prices.
  1. Accumulate Multiple Coupon Codes Tactically

You have to accumulate multiple coupon codes with different email addresses in a strategic manner. Some of the online stores love to send massive single-use coupons to a preferred group of their customers. This way you could improve your possibilities of saving the big bucks just by signing up for their newsletter with different email accounts.

Accumulate Multiple Coupon Codes Tactically

If the website lets you blend different coupons and promo codes at the checkout, just use them in the right order. Just say you have a promo code for a 20% discount and a coupon for 10$, apply 20% promo code initially. That will deduct 20% from the actual price, later you can eventually dig more savings with your $10 discount coupon.

  1. Request for Price-Drop Refunds

Suppose, you’ve purchased an item yesterday, but when you checked the succeeding day, it was now on sale. Quite frustrating, right? Though, some companies will refund you the price difference if you contact them directly within a specific number of days. For instance, Amazon will issue you a refund if you inform them within seven calendar days from the date of delivery.

Request for Price-Drop Refunds

Some credit cards also operate with price protection. It means that regardless of your shopping portal, you will refund the difference if the price drops within a particular number of days. Some of these include Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®, Citi® Double Cash Card and much more.

  1. Organize your emails

Signing up to coupon sites, newsletters and promotion lists can gather you immense bucks, but you are too hesitant about getting your email spammed? If you have any problem with spammed emails, you can simply try which is a useful email add-on that allows you to immediately unsubscribe from junk emails and de-clutters your inbox by sending one digest email a day reviewing your selected subscriptions. Just choose the time of the day when you’d like to receive it.

  1. Get Benefit of Smart Reward Programs

Some apps provide you to obtain exclusive bonuses for accomplishing specific actions. You can gain more by doing paid online surveys or simply browsing through the catalogs of product with ShopKick that could eventually get exchange to gift cards or special discounts. Swagbucks TV lets you earn Swagbucks for just watching videos and including them as discounts from various online merchants.

  1. Take Shipping Costs into Consideration

Sometimes you may notice a product online at a high price, but then realize the retailer of that company charges a substantial amount for shipping and delivery. At the time of comparing the prices of that particular product on different online portals, you must consider shipping costs as well.

Take Shipping Costs into Consideration

It may be more advantageous and profitable to spend more for the product if the company charges less for shipping. You need to look out for promotions where companies will offer half-off or free shipping.

  1. Bargain with the Customer Service

Have you noticed a delicious coupon at your email to discern it has expired two days past? You do worry a lot, right? In such a case, just ring up the hotline and inquire if your coupon can be prolonged as you are about to make your order. Typically, sales representatives are involved in terminating the deal and will either deliver you a new promo code or extend the actual one. This trick may not work each time, particularly with inexpensive products, however, it is always worth attempting.

Bargain with the Customer Service

An alternative option is, you can use live time chats now that are available at most online shopping websites. Be respectful and ask a few questions about the item you’d like to purchase and then probe if there’s any kind of discounts they probably may have. It’s not a well-known point, but chat support can result in special promo codes that are not broadly available.

  1. Take a Look at Product Reviews

One of the significant benefits to shopping online is the facility to access information instantly. Ahead of purchasing a product, one must often take a quick glance at the reviews of the product which you wish to buy. It is always a good idea to research the product. Some of the online portals like FlipkartAmazon, and many other e-commerce websites are providing the ability to read the reviews of its customers who had already purchased that particular product.

Take a Look at Product Reviews

You can look for reviews written by consumers so that you could get a buyer’s perspective. It takes just a few minutes to understand about the product and it’s time well spent. It’s not a big deal to just take a glance at the reviews so that it would be beneficial for you to know the pros and cons of the item. You can then come to a decision whether to purchase that particular product or move on to some other better product.

  1. Be Patient

There is a perpetual cycle of online deals wherein old promotions terminate, new deals come out. You need to have a clear vision of what you’re actually looking for right away. So, this could take pretty much time. You need to be patient enough and check back often for that particular deal on a product for which you’ve been looking for.

Be Patient

You need to wait for over a two-week period to see if a new coupon pops up or if an item goes on sale. Many times these online stores provide consumers a heads up on forthcoming promotions, either on their official website or via the email. With steady effort, it won’t be long ahead you discover what you’re seeking for at a discounted price. And whenever you do look a good deal, jump on it as such offer often won’t last long!

  1. Last but not the least, Couponing Sites

Compare different couponing sites before coming to the conclusion. I have wanted to shop on eBay for a lot of products but I wish to save as much money as I can this month. I was talking to my friends when one of them who work at CupoNation referred me to sites like OneIndia that is powered by CupoNation in India.

I was amazed to find great eBay deals and coupons on OneIndia. The convenience of using these sites was an added advantage. The user interface of this particular site is really good. Not saying this because the person who suggested me is a friend, but I myself do a thorough research before coming down to any conclusion. Some renowned media houses like Hindustan Times also have coupons, so you can check that out too.

These are incredible ways which will help you to save money when you are shopping online. Try to follow these simple tips to save your money while shopping online. Hope this tutorial guides you in the best way to save a lump sum amount in your pockets.