HRD to set up a panel for change in an IIT- JEE pattern

Many numbers of committees have been formed till date to suggest their opinion in the changes of entrance and admission tests in the country through recommendations. In the past for fundamental improvements like a Single National Test to get admission in all the institutions and a National Testing Agency have also been suggested but nothing ever happened. The JEE system has been changed nearly 4 times in the last 20 years and there is another change in the next schedule of the year.

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Change in Pattern is suspense to students

A candidate who is going to appear for the JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) will not be known that the exam pattern will remain same or not. The Union Human Resource Development Ministry has appointed a committee is expected to submit its final recommendations on having a single entrance test to get an admission to both IITs and NITs this month. The government may change to the ‘one exam, one rank, one counseling’ slogan.

Former IIT Kanpur director and current director of the Mahindra École Centrale College of Engineering here, said, “We shouldn’t be changing things as fast as they are doing now. It is not at all desirable. Many times, there was no need for changes but still the government went ahead.”

HARD to set up a panel for change in an IIT- JEE pattern

Opinion of the people about the change

“IITs should think about what their mandate is. But instead of that they are reacting to the markets. That is why they are unable to reach a final, long-lasting decision. Why do they have to think about what the coaching institutes are doing? They require thinking students and they should think about how to find them,” Delta IIT Academy director M. Srikanth felt.

Dr P. Ananda Raman, mentor-director, Fiitjee, Hyderabad, said, “I suspect the kind of independence that IITs have. Educationists are not allowed to make these decisions, it is only ministers and non-educationists who are not aware of the actual scenario. I had said earlier that the 40 per cent 12th marks weightage would be a blunder and now they are scrapping it.”