Hutututu Gujarati Movie Review: Upcoming Film HUTUTUTU – Aavi ramat ni rutu’. Limelight Pictures, founded by three women, a mother-daughters trio, will continue its journey of bringing some classic, enjoyable movies to the falls in the 90s genre of Marathi comedies. There are pathetic jokes out of which only a handful evoke laughter. Hemant and Jitendra get their dumb act right but Manasi and Neha overact. Ashok is average and Kanchan is uncomfortable in her character.


The most confident of the lot, Varsha, sadly has a very small role but she makes the most of it. Others like Anand Jog and Sanjay Khapre have minimal screen time.There is so much confusion that you get bored of it after a point. Risk watching this one if you are a fan of the Ashok Saraf-Laxmikant Saraf type of comedies.

Hutututu Gujarati Movie Review & Story Plot

Gujarat is a state which buzzes with business and Ahmedabad, is its epicenter. Business and stock market flourish here and this is exactly where the story begins.Aishwarya ( Hemant Dhome) and Vaibhav ( Jitendra Joshi) are aimless and jobless people whose only desire in life is to have fun using their’ dad Dhananjay Dhanawde’s ( Ashok Saraf) earnings. Dhananjay, who is already fed up of them, gets even angrier when both of them sell of his car. They tell the buyer that they want money to treat their father who is suffering from ‘Ghajinia’ (memory loss).

One day, over a casual debate between two brothers on whether one can really change a man or not, begins the game of Hutututu. The two brothers, top kingpins in the stock market, love such thrills. A dramatic twist in tale of Uday, a modern Gujarati young businessman and Guru, a roadside con man, lands them in each other’s shoes in midst of drama, comedy, entertainment, romance, and ambition. Uday and Guru become pawns in the hands of the brothers and they play a ruthless game. Aishwarya, a teacher and Sheela, an upcoming actress also get pulled into this whirlwind bringing about a little romance and a little heat break.

But who will win, Yashvardhan Choksi or Aditya Choksi? And will Uday and Guru find out?

If they do, will they take revenge?

This remains to be seen as the game of Hutututu unfolds.

Hutututu Gujarati Movie Rating

Hutututu Gujarati Movie Rating: Coming SOON

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