Hyderabad City Police takes one more step forward by launched a Mobile App “hyderabad city police lost report” to facilitate Citizens of Hyderabad City for reporting to police about loss of documents…etc

Hyderabad City Police Lost Report app

Hyderabad City Police launched a Mobile App “Hyderabad City Police Lost Report “

As a part of Citizen Friendly Policing Services, Hyderabad City Police takes one more step forward by launched a Mobile App “Hyderabad City Police-Lost Report” to facilitate Citizens of Hyderabad City for reporting to police about loss of Document(s)/Articles(s) Lost/Missed and obtaining a report from Police for applying duplicate document(s)/claiming insurance of article(s) lost/missed their Mobiles (Cell Phones).

Police report app is launched in Hyderabad. It’s a police report app, hyderabad city police officers started a new app on 13th april. Whatever you lost, mobile phone to identity card you can report through this app.

You may miss your certificate’s in the buses or your mobile may be theft in a crowded market, then immediately rushing to the police station for lodging a complaint is outdated fashion. Just having an app is the latest trend. It is Lost Report App. Just download the app and report here.

How To Download ” Hyderabad City Police Lost Report ” app

Android phone users can download the app through android play store as hyderabad police or hyderabad police lost report and iphone users can download it from app store.

Android Users Click Here

Iphone users – Available soon

Windows Users – Available soon

No charges apply for lodging a complaint through this process.You can also save your time.This app is used only for mistakenly lost cases but not for robbery cases.Mis-usage of the app tends to strict punishment.

Benifit though the app

As this app is started only in the presence of hyderabad commissionerate it doesn’t help for the people belongs to other regions. Reports are rejected with improper details.With in two and half months the total number of reports they received were 1170, out of 570 reports got digital certificate. Recently 330 members lost their cell-phones and reported to police through facebook, Hack-I application, and related network polices made a report through Lost Report app to the IT-Experts and found 50 phones which were lost and handover to its owners.

+ Citizens need not go to Police Station to file a Complaint for any lost Articles/Documents to get Police Report.

+ This is a free App, there is no need pay any charges.

+ Cost & Time saving to Citizens.

+ All services are available with mobile phone

In three days of span

Report which was send through the Lostreport app is received through the data base number in the commissionerate.There,the technical team is ready to verify about the report details such as whether it is a true report or fake.After all the process went successful the team sends a digital certificate.So,all this process takes three days of span.You can have a printout of the digital certificate from anywhere and it should be handovered to the related department later and you can have a duplicate copy with you.

Use Lost Report app for the following

  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Pass book
  • Bank Check book
  • Bond Certificate
  • Camera
  • Cell Phones
  • Computer
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Driving licence
  • Government Identity card
  • Private sector identity card
  • College identity card
  • School identity card
  • I-pod
  • Laptop
  • Marks memo
  • Pan card
  • Postal pass book
  • Share certificates
  • Sim cards
  • Tablet(Tab)
  • Transfer certificate
  • Vehicle fitness certificate
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Vehicle RC
  • Voter ID