I had no issues with Shahrukh khan says Ajay Devgan. The two heroes were spotted to the media in Bulgaria at dinner time. Ajay said that SRK is good friend to me.

I had no issues with Shahrukh khan says Ajay Devgan

I had no issues with Shahrukh khan says Ajay Devgan

All set for Ajay Devgan’s upcoming movie Drishyam. However, he is very happy that his wife Kajol, after five years gap again going to make her come back on the silver screen.

“She decided that she wanted to quit, and she has decided to come back. I would say that she is coming back with the right project. Shah Rukh (Khan; actor) is also in the film. People like to see them together,” he says. From a long time, there has been a rumor that Ajay does not want to get along with Shahrukh, even though SRK and Kajol are great friends. A few weeks ago, Shahrukh and Ajay are caught in a dinner by the media .

Don’t know how Bulgaria dinner started trending

They had identified in Bulgaria as they were shooting there. “I don’t know how that Bulgaria dinner started trending. It was a very normal dinner. It is the media that claims we have issues; we have never had issues. When we met, we were laughing over various things,” he says.

My daughter also not happy to see me in that film

Ajay’s last movie Action Jackson (2014), however, didn’t do very well. When the same question has been asked by the media, Ajay replied that he was “prepared for it”. He adds that even his daughter, Nysa wasn’t happy to see him in that film.

“Most of the people, including my daughter, told me that I should stick to doing what people want me to do, the audience not expecting me to jump around and dance. Because that is not how people see me. He said that I should not do these type of mistakes again,” says the 46-year-old.