Idhu Thanda Police Tamil Movie Review: Upcoming Tamil Movie Which Is going to hit sliver screens on this Friday which is directed by Srinu Vaitla and 14 Reels make for a powerful combination that assures nothing short of a blockbuster Telugu dubbing movie of ‘Aagadu’ of Mahesh Babu who is the famous actor in Telugu industry. The movie has been directed by Srinu Vaitla and written by Anil Ravipudi, an amazing music given by S. Thaman. Milky Beauty Tamanna has performed a female lead role in this film Idhu Thanda Police Tamil Movie Review,Rating & live Story Updates.


Idhu Thanda Police Movie Review & Story Plot

first half by establishing the plot, but by the time second half begins, Vaitla gets to the job of wrapping up the story and in the process tries to add various inane situations that leave you hoping the film ends ASAP.Given the weak script, Vaitla tries to win over the mass audience by using Brahmanandam as Delhi Suri. But instead of making you laugh, the entire thread leaves you yawning.

And one is left wondering as to why Mahesh gave in to the idea of narrating the storylines of his popular films before bashing up the villains. Though it works the first time around as you try to figure out the film, by second half, it gets repetitive and bores you to the core.The only saving grace for the film is Mahesh and a few punch dialogues sprinkled randomly which has now become the trademark of Srinu Vaitla.

Idhu Thanda Police Movie Story

G. Shankar (Mahesh Babu), an orphan boy finds shelter in the house of Raja (Rajendra Prasad). Shankar was sent to jail for committing a crime, when he was a kid. He comes out of the jail as an eccentric Police offer Encounter Shankar. He is posted to Bokkapatnam and he decides to clear local goon Damodhar (Sonu Sood) issues with the natives. As Shankar goes about confronting Damodhar’s assistants, he comes across Saroja (Tamannaah) and falls in love with her. At this time, Raja’s son and Damodhar has a small flash back. What would be that past? Did Shankar succeed in eliminating bad elements from Bokkapatnam? Forms the rest of the storyline.

Idhu Thanda Police Movie Actors: Mahesh Babu is dashing and stylish as a cop. He had to mouth innumerable dialogues unstoppably. His dances offer variety. Tamanna has a limited role as owner of Saroja Sweets. Her episodes as a greedy woman are entertaining. Posani Krishna Murali scores well in reality show episode. Brahmanandam is his usual-self as a Delhi broker. MS Narayana’s database lawyer character is nice. Rajendra Prasad is good in a cameo. Vennela Kishore has justified his full length character as an assistant to hero. Brahmaji is given an honest cop character and his dialogue in interval is impressive. Sonu Sood is alright. Asish Vidyardhi, Rao Ramesh, Raghu Babu and Tanikella Bharani are fine. Ajay plays a dignified and positive character for a change. Shruti Haasan sparkled in a special song with high glamor quotient.

Idhu Thanda Police Movie Rating

Idhu Thanda Police Tamil Movie Rating: – 3.5/5

Idhu Thanda Police Movie Story – screenplay – direction: Story of the film is prepared to incorporate Sreenu Vaitla kind of scenes. However, a strong story is missing. Director has succeeded in creating interesting scenes in 1st half where hero gets hold of the assistants of villain. Saroja Sweets TVCs episode and potugadu quiz episode are hilarious. The entertainment scenes in second half have become repetitive. Screenplay should have been better in second half. Sreenu Vaitla should invent a new form of entertainment.

Idhu Thanda Police Movie Other departments: Songs are shot well. I personally liked Aaja Saroja and Shruti Haasan special song. Background music is loud. Dialogues written are too lengthy and some of them (vishayam weak. publicity peak) are good. Cinematography by Guhan is good. Fights will attract action lovers. The producers have spent money lavishly on the film and it shows on the screen.

Idhu Thanda Police Movie Analysis:

First half of the film is engaging with Mahesh Babu entertainment. Second half should have been better. Plus points of the film are Mahesh Babu and entertainment. On the flip side, it’s verbose and screenplay should have been better. Telugu film industry is slowly getting into Bollywood blockbuster mode where a successful hero – director combination ensures great openings and revenue. The combination of Mahesh Babu and Sreenu Vaitla is enough to guarantee great collections.