Impact of Social Media Profiles on Job

Today everyone from school studying children to old age people, most of them is involving in online activities especially on social media pages. It is a known fact. But, do you know how much impact your pictures on Facebook and typos of Twitter have on your landing in a job?? The answer will be most probably “No”. Many of us do not know that actually and we simply think that even though we have done well in the interview we didn’t get the job. But, the fact is like this.

Impact of Social Media Profiles on Job

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Survey with Recruiters

Recently, the Recruiter Nation Survey was conducted by the Jobvite and they found many interesting facts that you should know. They have asked 1,400 human resource and recruiting professionals on what they will look at when scouting out the possible hire’s, whether the social media profiles or what they find hurts or helping those people in search of a job.

In 2015, recruiters are bulking down the quality of hiring for scaling up – connecting the power of social to selecting and growing group of superior talent to serve the growing competitive markets.

Recruiting Priorities in 2015

In the survey it is known that, the recruiters are facing big challenges but, finally improving the candidates’ quality is their highest priority. A recruiter job will never be finished as the average tenure of an employee will be very short.

So, recruiters are looking at the social presence of a job seeker right from their selfies to spelling errors. Some of them include spelling and grammatical errors in the tweets or posts, alcohol consumption photos, political affiliations, participation in local as well as national groups and organizations, discussing about current events, selfies and lots more. It may help sometimes and sometimes it may hurt the candidate.

These interesting facts came out on the survey made with recruiters. So, all the job seekers it is necessary that you need to know all these facts and take necessary actions to land in to a job.