Engineering Students jobs became Questionable? The future of the Engineering Students had became question mark. There is no suitable jobs for the students who had studied the engineering. So students are going for other jobs which are not their deserved. Many students are doing the job which are not their core. Jobs from Call centers to many others are mostly done by Engineering students only. The Students are searching jobs in all fields irrespective of their qualification.

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Job Became a Risk Factor for Engineering Students -Must Read

In both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state there are more than 550 engineering colleges. And every year lakhs of students are coming out with there degree. Only 10 to 15 percentage of engineering students are doing their core jobs and remaining all students are doing certain jobs which are irrespective to their education qualification. Even the Mechanical and Civil branch students are also joining software jobs. Students of core departments are also taking coaching of C, C++, Java and other to try their luck in the software field.

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Now-a days the students who had adopted the city culture are becoming worthless. They are getting habituated to smoke and drink. And being problematic in the society. Students who had studied engineering are huge in amount and jobs are very less compare to them. So, every one are tried to set in any job with their other skills but not through their education.

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In Government service exams and bank test also engineers are on the top. Certainly the students are compromising their qualification for settlement in life. Event thought the Engineering education had down fall in the market, the JNTU Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University are saying that every year the admissions in the Engineering field are increasing every year when compared to the past. This will leads to downfall in the Engineering field standard. Then in future the standard of the Engineering will be too poor.

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