Jr NTR Twitter Account Hacked:Young Tiger Jr NTR gave a big shock to his fans midnight by splashed tweet through twitter profile. The tweet said that fans have asked about the dates of ‘Nannku Prematho’ audio and movie release, he replied that he wished and know when it is and added that had no clue what is happening.

Jr.NTR's Nannaku Prematho Independence Day New Look on August 15
Jr NTR Twitter Account Hacked

The tweet has spread rapidly and sent shocking waves among the fans as well as industry circles within no time. Afterwards, the tweet was deleted quickly and reposted because if NTR fans much panic with this. Already, the news posted on several social websites through social media and went viral.

“Fans have been asking the dates of Nannaku Prematho audio and movie release. I wish I knew when it is! I have no clue what is happening.”, tweeted NTR, which he deleted after a while.  After a few minutes, he tweeted the same thing, which he again deleted. This panicked fans as the tweets hinted a problem between the producer and the hero. Since the latest reports from the industry have already warned about the Nannaku Prematho’s postponement and the pressures that are being put on the producer, Nandamuri fans were shocked to see NTR’s tweet.

Why would someone walk into Tarak’s account to post about Nannaku Prematho release date?If the account was really hacked the hacker should be smart enough to post something sensational to stir a huge controversy. Also why would a hacker post something and delete it after a moment and post it again to delete it immediately?

Seems like all is not well with the progress of Nannaku Prematho that the hero was frustrated and took to Twitter to vent it out.Meanwhile, NTR’s Nannaku Prematho audio will be released on 27th of this month.

He might have realized the gravity of situation later and came back with this hacking story for damage control!