19th ICFFI – Media interaction with little directors Jury Members

19th ICFFI

It is both an wonderful and exacting but lovable experience to watch the films made by teenagers of 5-16 years. But to judge them, OMG, it is a tough and difficult job. This is the exact words of a set of Jury’s of the 19 ICCFI tasked to judge and award the film entered under the Little Directors category in the festival.

Judging Little Directors Films –a tough and difficult job, say  jury’s

Addressing a press conference the five jury’s of the Little Directors category at the media centre of the 19th ICFFI they all were in unision that the content, concepts, film making techniques and also the presentation by Indian kids were on par with that of western kids.

Those who participated in the media interaction were Allani Sridhar, chairman of the Little directors jury, Deepak Jain, k Shilpa Shukla, Chara Ines Suarez (Argentina) and Mikias Efram, Ethiopia). All of them select among 39 films selected for the competition section out of the 200 entries made by 37 countries. India has 24 entries of which Telangana kids have submitted two films. “We will submit our selections for awards to the Government and CFSI soon‘ said Sridhar, who is a popular screen writer and director who has made a name for his biopic on Tribal freedom fighter Koomaram Bheem.

Deepak Jain, one of the jury who is considered to be an ‘out of the box ‘thinker and techie said that Indian kids productions were very good both content and also technology wise. It was Ms. Carla Inezz Suarez of Argentina who broke the ice when she said that films made by Indian kids had brought in a fresh air in the film making. ‘I saw one film called Dialogue, which just stunned me at the amount of painstaking efforts in putting across the dialogues and presenting them‘.

M.s Shilpa Shukla, whose films Silent Water which had won three golden leopards at Locarno festival in 2003 said judging a children’s films was a great experience and a very sensitive affair. ‘But I am thrilled as I am really taken aback by the amount of finesse I see in the films by little directors as sometimes I feel as if they are better than films made by elders “, she said.