Andhra Pradesh: Jumbling System for Intermediate Practicals 2017

Intermediate Practical’s should be done in Jumbling System only. Andhra Pradesh intermediate board requests the government to conduct Intermediate Practical’s in Jumbling System for 13 districts. From so many years government is saying that the Intermediate Practical’s will be done in jumbling system from next year but it’s not happening. The Practical’s are done in the regular manner itself only. Before the division of our state the Andhra Pradesh government has taken several steps to make jumbling system for Intermediate Practical’s but it never happened and came into existence.

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AP requests government to take a step about this Jumbling System

But now after our state division, Telangana and Andhra have got separated. Andhra Pradesh state requests the government to conduct the Intermediate Practical’s in Jumbling system in 2016. AP state has requested to shift the Intermediate board of Andhra Pradesh from Hyderabad to Vijayawada and also requested not to combine high school board and intermediate board. Now government is providing Rs. 12.50 for each paper valuation and they asked to increase this to 100% and provide more benefits.

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AP Intermediate Practical Examination Schedule March 2017 (Time table)

The Practical Examinations will be held from 03-02-2017 to 22-02-2017 in Jumbling System (including Sundays) in two sessions i.e. from 9.00 A.M to 12.00 Noon and 2.00 P.M to 5.00 P.M.

Jumbling System for Intermediate Practicals

Will Jumbling system come into existence or not?

Private institutions are not in favor of Jumbling system. Every time the government is taking step to conduct the Practical’s in Jumbling system but due the pressure of Private institutions the government is no taking any step to provide this system. The government is ready to take step for this Jumbling system but at last minute it cancels everything.

Students are being confused whether it will be in Jumbling System or not. Students do not have complete information regarding this matter. So Government should soon take a step and provide complete information about the way of conducting the exams. But, Andhra Pradesh government has seriously requested to make the Intermediate Practical Exams in the Jumbling System only.