Telugu Kid Voiceover for Jungle Book Telugu Dubbing

Since from 10 years, from kids to the teenager and elders, the movie Jungle Book has entertaining the audience of all categories and, in the latest version of the Jungle Book story, a kid belonging to the Hyderabad named Sanmkalph Vayuputra is said to be playing the key role in the movie. As per the recent news, it has been known that the 10 year old Sanmkalph has lend or given his voice for the lead role called Moogle in this movie. Though he is new to the craft, Sanmkalph has astonished the movie unit members of the biggie Hollywood with his striking voice, emotive capabilities, clarity and command over the Telugu language.

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Hollywood Technicians Impressed with Sanmkalph Voice

The technicians of the Jungle Book have felt that, the Telugu version of the latest edition of the movie would be close to the original English version because of the awesome contribution given by young kid like Sanmkalph. Hundreds of voices of the Telugu children from both of the Telugu states and even from all over the globe have been tested for this prominent venture, and finally it fell into the laps of the young Sanmkalph. In this modern age of studies in the English medium and acronym based communication, the understanding of the Sanmkalph, grasp as well as the expression of delicate language tones has given the surprise for all the technicians who have been part of this prestigious project which also includes the experts in dubbing.

Most of them had an opinion after hearing the voice of the Sanmkalph that, the first step of he made in this technically high branch of making the films would surely take him to the long run.  Of course, he is said to be a very senior and much awarded ancestry or pedigree in that special branch as he is said to be none other than the son of the famous and most reputed Telugu voice artist – Nagarjuna Vayuputra!