Kangana Ranaut got an open letter in Twitter – “You are a Hero and Fighter, don’t let Hrithik Roshan change it” :

Kangana Ranaut is an Indian film actress of Bollywood. She built her career in bollywood with lots of hard-term ship and confidence by crossing many thrones on her way. Even the Indian film industry praised her as a born-fighter. As a successful actress she got an open letter on twitter which tells about her caliber of life and a private message as public. The message was “You are hero and don’t let Hrithik Roshan change it”. The letter mentioned that she had a legal mess with the actor. Both of them sent legal notice to each other which gained the attention of media and film industry.

Kangana Ranaut got an open letter in Twitter

The fight between the actor and actress had spreading on and backfired their own game. In a media gathering Kangana was ‘silent’ when a reporter mentioned about legal issues with Hrithik which gone a u-turn with entire mess. Kangana a single silent answer had raised many dirty rumors in the industry and also dig up the affair of Kangana and Hrithik which fortunate or unfortunately happened a long back. With the increase of rumors the fame of the actress is as coin at stack edge.

Why Kangana Ranaut legally messed with Hrithik Roshan?

As per the public opinion Kangana had lost the plot at once in her life. Hirthik and Kangana allegedly had a affair long back which soured the entire. Then Hirthik had reported and thrown her out of a film, By this she mentioned him referred as a ‘silly ex’ to get her attention back in an interview. He then sent her a legal notice demanding for an apology for calling him as silly ex. Actually Duggu, the superstar asked Hrithik to file a lawsuit against Kangana for his personal reasons. Here after Kangana reverted with a legal notice calling him as needy, narcissistic and an email hacker. He then announced a statement in public – he is doing this all for protecting his family’s good name.

Once in her life, Kangana responded with silence and asked for some personal space, this silence as response caused the situation to be worst beyond belief. Then Kangana Ranaut gave her statement – “Sometimes, media have to allow that sort of personal space to celebrities as well. It can be overwhelming to be called strong. But strong doesn’t mean that you can walk through life without being affected or intimidated. Being strong means that standing up against things inspite of all this. You need to give me some space and it’s not that I won’t talk about it. I will but as of now, please grant me this much”. This statement of Kangana gave justification to her silent response.