KCR Will Be Launch Prestigious Project “Haritha Haram” In Adilabad, haritha vanam is a telangana government project to save trees and develop more trees.

KCR Will Be Launch Prestigious Project Haritha Haram In Adilabad

KCR Will Be Launch Prestigious Project “Haritha Haram” In Adilabad

KCR to launch Haritha Haaram in Adilabad : Today Telangana CM, KCR Will Be Launch Prestigious Project “Haritha Haram” In Adilabad, according to the officials this is the plantation project to save trees and implement new trees amoung the telangana state, today KCR plant in 15 places between gudem to nirmal.

KCR schedule is, he arrives at gudem from karimnagar at 11:30 AM today and plant sapling ther. After that he goes to talapur forest for planation at 2:00 P.M after lunch he will participate in mass planation at jannaram market yeard and take up homestead plantation in Kistapur village of the same mandal, besides at other venues in the district.

This is the shedule of KCR about haritha vanam project, any way KCR Did a great job by saving trees and implementing new trees, its very good for environment, we should appriciate his work for this. hope this project is more success then imagination.

Now do you think what is haritha vanam project

let me explain. Its a project from telangana governemnt to save trees and plant more trees in future. As per official website of telangana, here is the details of haritha vanam placed in their website: ‘ Telangana Haritha Haram’ with an objective of improving green cover, maintain ecological balance and to ensure sustainable livelihoods. As part of this initiative, 230 crore saplings would be planted over the coming three years, both within and outside the reserved forests to improve forest density and promote greenery respectively.