Kesha Rose Sebert filed case on Sony : Kesha  filed a case against the Sony company two years ago.She has been fighting legally for a favorable judgement. Kesha Rose sebert is a performer and American singer. Her first album Animal was released in 2010. Kesha is a famous singer and she has been working with Sony music company.Later, she had filed case against Dr.Luke, who was her mentor,producer for long time.She filed the case through various sections on Dr.Luke by  stating that he had “Sexually, Verbally, Emotionally, physically” abused her. But later on Friday  Kesha Sobs lost the case against Sony Company.

Kesha Sobs lost the case against Sony Company 

Kesha sobs lost her case against the Sony company.The singer attended the Supreme court in New York city. She doesn’t want to work with the Sony company who troubled her so long. So she has been trying to get relieve from the Sony company.But the company did not give her chance.So she approached the court for justice to discontinue with Sony. But the New York Supreme court Justice Shriley Konreich, told Kesha that Sony would suffer irreparable harm if she did not abide by her contract to make sic more albums with them. Judge added that, She could work with another producer at the same label as she has problem with her previous producer.

Kesha breaks down into tears after the judgement

Kesha Sobs lost the case against Sony Company

Kesha had broken down into tears after knowing the judgement.She says she couldn’t work there anymore with the people who had troubled them mentally and physically. Dr.Luke and Sony had tried to fill their loss.He says that Kesha cooked up the story to ruin his reputation.After all the process of judgement kesha was asked to work with other producer of the same label.

Kesha fans supporting her

Many of her fans gathered at the premises of the court and yelled out for justice. Celebrities like Wale, Mara Wilson , Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and many more supported her. Fans and celebrities are supporting kesha with #freeKesha  hash tags.