Kida Poosari Magudi Movie Review and Rating – Live Updates

Kida Poosari Magundi Movie is an Indian Tamil movie which was directed by Jayakumar J. This movie is all set to release finally on 8th April 2016. This movie is taken from real life experience. T Tamizhmani had produced the movie and presenting it under his own production house Tamizh Thirai Virutcham. In Kida Poosari Magudi Movie, the lead roles are played by Ramdhew and Nakshatira. This is the first film which they are introducing a leads. D Singampuli, Kalai Rani, Kambam Meena, Sevalai Rasu are playing the role of supportive leads. The plus point of this movie is the audio track was scored by Ilayaraaja while the lyrics are written by Mohammad Metha. The music and back ground had become a plus and the action scenes are directed by Mirattai Selva. The Cinematography of the movie was done by Ravi Srinivas.

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Kida Poosari Magudi Movie

Kida Poosari Magudi Movie – Story Preview and Public Talk

This movie Kida Poosari Magudi is about girl life story in rural areas. The movie starts describing about a girl (Nakshatira) feelings and dreams when she was in her teenage and youngage. But the responsiblities and circunstances had crashed her a dreams to the earth. She will forced to marry someone (Ramdhew) who she had never expected. From the very next minute of her marriage she got nothing expect insults and suffering. This movie is full of girl sentiment and action scenes are placed in between the first part and the climax of the movies. As per the news, this movie can be taken as a message oriented movie. Hope this movie will be on expectations.

Kida Poosari Magudi Movie Cast and Crew

Cast: Nakshatira, Ramdhew

Director: Jayakumar J

Producer: T Tamizhmani

Production House: Tamizh Thirai Virutcham,

Music by: Ilayaraja

Lyrics: Muhammed Metha

Cinematography: Ravi Srinivas

Editing: Muthu Muniyasamy

Screenplay: Jayakumar J

Action Direction: Mirattal Selva

Kida Poosari Magudi Movie Audio Track

  1. Chinna Paya Vayasu
  2. Manikkuyilu Satham
  3. Muthu Muthu
  4. Nee Aatukkuty Naan
  5. Oru Kaalathula

                                   Kida Poosari Magudi Movie Story Verdict: 3/5                               

                                   Kida Poosari Magudi Movie Rating: 3/5

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