Killing Veerappan Movie Review: Upcoming Movie Ram Gopal Verma on Killing Veerappan, Creative and most controversial director Ram Gopal Varma about Killing Veerappan Movie  Killing Veerappan has been made in Kannada and Telugu and therefore she was apprehensive that RGV has broken the terms of her contract.Muthulakshmi said RGV had promised not to wrongly portray Veerappan. “The film is made in Kannada and Telugu. I want to see all the versions to make sure he has kept the promise. I cannot read English and if the terms of the contract are broken I would not know.

Killing Veerappan kannada Movie Review

That is the reason I approached the court after I came to know the film is made in Tv9 Interview, he also respond On Pawan Klayan and Mega star Chiranjeevi fans tweets against him and he calls mega fans are dogs he is also one of them. Killing Veerappan Movie release on December 11th,  movie featuring Shivaraj Kumar, Sandeep Bharadwaj, Yagna Shetty, Sanchari Vijay and Parul Yadav. Killing Veerappan Movie is directed by Ram Gopal Varma, produced by B. V. Manjunath, B. S. Sudhindra and E. Shivaprakash. Music Composed by Sai Karthik, Ravi Shankar.

Killing Veerappan Movie Review & Story Live Updates

The story has taken from the real story of “Veerappan” who killed 184 civilians, 97 policemen, and 900 elephants. Totally, it is based on the operation cocoon events for capturing or killing the Indian sandalwood smuggler, bandit and mass murderer who was lived many years in the forest lands covering the Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states.

Shivaraj Kumar is played a lead role and others Sandeep Bhardwaj, Yagna Shetty, Sanchari Vijay and Parul Yadav etc played an important role. Varma directed this film very well and music also composed by Ravi Shankar and Sai Karthik well. All actors who are played lead role as well as supporting role performed up to their mark.

Making of the film is wonderful; it will remember the previous movies of the Varma. Technically, musically and performance wise the movie made marvelously. Many people at present don’t know clear information about ‘Veerappan’ so that they are interested to see this real story of him.

Killing Veerappan Movie Rating-2.5/5

The film is said to be based on ‘Operation Cocoon’ which eventually led to the killing of Veerappan 10 years ago. Kannada actor Shiva Rajkumar, whose father Rajkumar was abducted by Veerappan 15 years ago, plays the lead role in the film  has been made based on the real story of the bandit, mass murderer and sandalwood smuggler ‘Veerappan’. Totally the story is depending on the events leading for operation cocoon to kill or capture Indian thief who stay many years in the forest.

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