Kollywood Actress Meenakshi slaps Assistant Director on the Set

Meenakshi who was essayed the lead role in Karuppasamy Kutthagaithara is in news.  Unfortunately, it was not for good.  Meenakshi who was shooting for a new movie on sets Ner Mugam slapped the assistant director of the movie Shankar.  This must be the first time in Indian cinema history that an upcoming actress slapped a director (at least in public).  From the spot the news was that the director reportedly fainted after actress Meenakshi slapped him.

The entire unit was shocked to see the actress slapping the director.  Being unaware of the reason why after all she slapped the assistant director they demanded her for apology.  

Kollywood Actress Meenakshi slaps Assistant Director on the Set

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As always there are multiple reports from the spot, one saying that the assistant director has went into the vanity van of the actress without the permission and so out of anger she slapped him.  Another source from the same spot reported that the assistant director was talking with his friends in sign language, which made the actress misunderstood about her being mocked by the director and other crew.  She asked the director to come near her and she started abusing him and then slapped him with anger.  

The actress after the incident happened ran into her vanity van.  The other crew on the set asked the actress for explanation from the outside of van by knocking the doors of the van.  Thinking that the situation is going out of hand actress came up with a written letter asking for apology.  

The letter says that she was sorry about her behavior with the assistant director and she won’t cause any problem further.  She requested the crew to allow her to complete the shoot that was scheduled for the day.  Later she completed the shoot and left the spot.